Drone tester courses: become Head of Drones Safety!!

Our bench currently provides everything you need to know about your drone (self-built one or purchased in store) from A to Z … but what calculations are these results based on?


The theoretical-practical DronesBench course is finally active, in order for you to become a professional drone tester in just three days; this course is strongly indicated if you are or want to become a policeman, in order to verify and possibly prevent illegitimate uses or drones that do not comply with the regulations in force, or alternatively if you want to become important or even indispensable in the drones field by learning to recognize from the ground if a drone can fly or if it needs maintenance, saving money and troubles to your colleagues (becoming de facto the drone safety manager, for example for television broadcasts or on site).

After passing the final exam all students will have the skills to measure, evaluate and certify the technical characteristics of drones, assess their state of efficiency to allow or deny the continuation of a mission, recognize any problems that have arisen and the components involved, evaluate compliance with existing safety standards during use.

A skills certification will be issued after passing the theoretical and practical final test.

The course program will be structured as follows, taking for granted a prerequisite knowledge of the basic physics:

Part 1 Basics
1.1 Physical parameters: voltage, current, electric power, energy, force, mechanical power
1.2 Measurement concepts: accuracy, precision and repeatability
1.3  Various types of filters and medium
1.4  Drones components
1.5  Assembling drones
1.6  Drones test
1.7  Regulations and Safety

Part 2 General information on measurements and certifications
2.1  Quality in drone measurement
2.2  DronesBench index
2.3  Instrumentation

Part 3 Detail measurements on drones
3.1 Compensation of the overlapping propellers on the measuring head
3.2 Calculation of frame losses
3.3 Dronesbench measuring head zeroing procedure
3.4 Connection resistance evaluation procedure

Part 4 Measurement method
4.1  Measuring bench activation
4.2  Drone supplying
4.3  Measuring bench reset
4.4  Drone positioning and anchoring
4.5  Measurement process

Part 5 Certificate realization
5.1  Certificate preparation
5.2  Ethical and economic aspects

Part 6 Dronesbench assembly
Video guide

Part 7 Exercises
7.1 Dronesbench assembly
7.2 Measurements with dronesbench
7.3 Sonic measurements
7.4 Certificate preparation

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