DronesBench Index


The IDB (DronesBench Index) expressed in grams raised by each watt of electrical power used summarizes in one single number the optimal functioning of the whole drone propulsion system. Therefore significant decreases express hidden defects, compensated by the on-board electronics. The IDB measure thus becomes a preventive tool for the flight mission safety.

The DronesBench Index (IDB) allows the evaluation of the quality of the drone design. In practice, it represents the energy efficiency of the device’s propulsion system. This translates into an energy class evaluation of the drone, to which the customer can refer in the evaluation of his purchase, as is the case with all other technological devices.

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It is therefore evident that the manufacturer can not certify his IDB but, as for all technological devices, an external, impartial technician is required, authorized to issue a certificate proving the actual, technical parameters measured. According to current EEC regulations, the manufacturer has the obligation to display a plate on the aircraft containing, in addition to the EEC mark and the identification details, the technical parameters above.

Furthermore, starting from July 2016, ENAC has imposed the partial adoption of the EEC legislation on the nameplate of electromechanical devices, which obliges the manufacturing companies to include in the plate of the drone the technical parameters that must be indicated on the aircraft. Our license plate solution (shown in the picture on the left) with the IDB added to the technical parameters allows:

  • manufacturing companies to adapt to the current EEC legislation for the circulation of products in Europe, with a high-profile product identification standard, also complete with Q code;
  • consumers to have precise indications to facilitate the evaluation before purchasing the drone;
  • operators and pilots to verify the correct functionality of the drone at any moment of its life, by comparing the printed IDB with the measurable one in the current situation.

In light of the illustrated aspects and the context of the drone market – which is growing exponentially all over the world – it is obvious that the figure of a “certifier” will soon be more and more required. In this perspective, our company is moving towards the formation of “certifiers” able to make and understand the measurements on drones. In fact, our company is organizing courses to train these new professional profiles enabled to issue certifications.