DronesBench Award


This competition for schools aims to promote and share the culture of measurement in the world of drones, a culture that invests multidisciplinary areas and that it will be possible to deepen in the free courses of DPM Elettronica Srl open to participants.


The competition rewards the self-made drone of the category chosen between the following type:

  • Racer: racing drone with weight less than 600 g (1,33 lbs);
  • Eagle: drone for working (all other types of drones) with weight less than 15 kg (33 lbs).

The self-made drone must be presented together with an instruction and maintenance manual and a video tutorial containing:

  1. the initial planning phases (the goals of the drone to be built);
  2. he components with any comments on the choices;
  3. the assembly phases, with any comments on the critical issues;
  4. software configuration phases;
  5. the ground testing phases;
  6. the test phases in flight: 30 seconds with hovering, 4-way test and yaw test;
  7. testing of the drone functions, for example freestyle, video, maximum speed for drone racers, special functions for transport and so on;
  8. the name, role and possibly the face of the authors.

All materials, videos and documentation may be used by the organization for promotional and/or educational purposes unless required restrictions at the time of registration. Moreover:

  • Registration deadline: free until 21st of October 2018, at a cost of € 100 from 21st of October 2018 to 31st of December 2018;
  • Material delivery date: April 30, 2019;
  • Data premiazione: 25 maggio 2019 (la data verrà confermata sulla base del numero di concorrenti).

Our staff is at your disposal for clarifications and support for participation in the competition. For commercial information on DronesBench ™ equipment, contact Know K. Srl (https://kktecnodidattica.it) which, in addition to supplying the equipment, also provides support for performing FESR platform activities.


We wish you a happy school year 2018-2019, flying together!

For questions and clarifications:
Eng. Mauro Pompetti
+39 329 635 3404

First prize to be won for the winning school: 3 days free stay at the Puglia region for 4 people including teachers and students.

Sponsoring companies will be able to provide additional prizes, and in particular, as of now, the company Know K. offers 1 hour flight on the Boeing 737-800 NG Simulator for the first three classified.

For the quietest drone, the team will take home a Bose headset for each of the members, offered by the UNICUSANO University of Rome.

Benefits and opportunities for all competing schools:

  • wide visibility of participants joining in the competition;
  • access to free training courses for teachers interested in drones (with Know K. Srl training credits);
  • drone certification presented in the competition;
  • discounts for the purchase of materials and equipment from the sponsoring companies;
  • possibility of consulting drones, training courses, local press releases, orientation initiatives.

For the schools that want it, it is possible to become a Dronical Study Center equipped with appropriate equipment and the necessary know-how.


Premio DronesBench