DronesBench™ contest winners!

The 2019 DronesBench Competition ends today: the Morselli Institute of Gela, the Hensemberger Institute of Monza and the Ferraris Institute of Settimo Torinese (TO) will be awarded on June 5th 2019 at 8:00 pm on Sharing TV (the streaming is only available in Italy, but we uploadedthe video on our youtube channel → https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M6xQc1lllh0 ).

The Hensemberger Institute in Monza won the DronesBench First Prize for having achieved the highest total vote by the jury with its AlpenDrone, able to find survivors in case of avalanches (special thanks and congratulations to the teacher Raffaele Tozzi Fontana and to the students Marco Gaviraghi, Simone Pittarello and Luca Cipolla).

The Morselli Institute in Gela won the UniCusano Award for the Less Noisy Drone, for having designed, built and tested the drone that developed less dBm of noise (special thanks and congratulations to the teacher Pietro Giannone and to the students Stefano Lo Curto, Emanuele Filippo Salinitro and Emanuele Giocolano).

The Ferraris Institute in Settimo Torinese (TO) won the Best Contribution to Welfare Award with its Lifeguard Drone capable of helping lifeguards in case of problems at sea using a lifebuoy release system → https://postimg.cc/PC1mxkTW (special thanks and congratulations to the teachers Alessandro Dionisio e Liberatore Pasquale and to the students Nicola Marino Stefano and Davide La Licata).

First and foremost we thank the three teams of professors and students who participated with fervent enthusiasm and passion in the project, coming to visit us in the laboratory and witnessing the tests performed on our measuring and testing bench, DronesBench™.

We wish them the best for their future, hoping that their schools will also participate in the next 2020 edition, for which we have high expectations!

For companies interested in the project and the teams that participated in it, you can request contacts and info at our email info@dronesbench.com.

Finally, we thank our sponsors who have allowed all this and have made available the prizes for the competition, namely the Telematic University of Rome UniCusano, the aforementioned Sharing TV, the KnowK and the DPM Elettronica.

See you at the next news!