Safety of drones, the University of Sannio releases some papers to show the results of their studies

These are the recent papers from the University of Sannio that show their scientific results in the field of the drones safety.

[1] P.Daponte, F.Lamonaca, F.Picariello, M.Riccio, L.Pompetti, M.Pompetti, “A measurement system for testing light remotely piloted aircraft”, Proc. of IEEE International Workshop on Metrology for AeroSpace (MetroAeroSpace), Padua, Italy, 21- 23 May 2017, pp. 397-402.

[2] P.Daponte, L.De Vito, F.Lamonaca, F.Picariello, S.Rapuano, M.Riccio, L.Pompetti, M.Pompetti, “DronesBench: a tool for the diagnosis of drones” I. of IEEE International Conference on Instrumentation and Measurement (I2MTC), Turin, Italy 22-25 June 2017, pp.1-6

[3] P.Daponte, L.De Vito, F.Lamonaca, F.Picariello, M.Riccio, S.Rapuano, L.Pompetti, M.Pompetti, “DronesBench an innovative bench to test Drones”, Instrumentation and Measurement Magazine. Accepted for publication, available on request.