Mauro Pompetti

A system of integrated services, the result of scientific research conducted in collaboration with important Italian universities and international institutions.


CEng Mauro Pompetti’s DPM Elettronica is a small firm operating since 1991 in the electronic systems’ research and development, domotics and security sectors. In recent years, he dedicated a whole branch of the business, named DronesBench™ products and services, to the research of solutions for measurement, analysis and certification to allow users a safe management of professional drones.

In short, this is a system of integrated services that are the result of scientific research -conducted in collaboration with important Italian universities and approved by international institutions – focused on providing a system that offers an exclusive integrated solution for the diagnosis, testing, setting and flight simulation of remotely controlled aircrafts.

In our innovative “Measurement and certification Laboratory” it is possible, thanks to a highly specialized team and cutting-edge technological devices specifically developed for the drone sector, to measure with extreme precision all the mechanical and electrical parameters in drones of any type and brand up to 15kg payload.


This strategic measurement technology allows, on the basis of the values ​​measured during the tests, not only to have data for the analysis and the diagnostics of aircrafts, but also to develop a certificate of technical value that may be used for legal purposes,  attesting the functionality and the characteristics of the appliance, in that reducing risk before flight missions.


CEng Mauro Pompetti

Ingegnere nucleare

Since 1990, he has been involved in research and development for his own DPM Elettronica. He has thirty years experience in the electronic design of devices and device systems, currently programming in Delphi, C, Visual Basic, and Assembler for most manufacturers systems. He teaches electronics, systems, technologies, design and planning, and telecommunications. He collaborates in projects with the Polytechnic of Bari, the University of Sannio, and the University of Foggia. In 2015 he created the DronesBench® brand.