Our DronesBench® devices can issue a Certification that may be used for technical and legal purposes

This is possible thanks to the identification of what has been defined as: DronesBench Index (IDB) –Indice DronesBench-, corresponding to the FoM parameter, universally used to calculate the power / absorption ratio of the motors with the respective propellers. The IDB, expressed in grams raised by each watt of electric power used, in fact, summarizes in a single number the optimal functioning of the whole drone propulsion system. Therefore significant decreases express hidden defects, compensated by the on-board electronics. The IDB measure thus becomes a preventive tool for flight mission safety. In fact, our measuring procedures allow an accurate test of the device to verify that IDB, drone weight and battery capacity comply with the standards of optimal functioning of the aircraft. At the end of the test, the DronesBench device issues a certificate attesting the technical characteristics and functionality of the drone.

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According to current EEC regulations, the manufacturer has the obligation to display a plate on the aircraft containing, in addition to the EEC mark and the identification data, the technical parameters mentioned above. Furthermore, starting from July 2016, ENAC has imposed the partial adoption of the EEC legislation on the nameplate of electromechanical devices, which obliges the manufacturing companies to include on the plate of the drone the technical parameters, which must be indicated on the aircraft. Our laboratory offers this service.


DronesBench® instruments were developed to monitor energy parameters. They have a sophisticated sensor system to ensure accurate measurements on remotely piloted aircrafts up to 15kg payload.

The main measures are:

  • Absorbed Power,
  • DronesBench Index (IDB) – FoM parameter,
  • Power Consumption per kg of Thrust,
  • Weight and Thrust of the drone,
  • Energy used,
  • Real battery Capacity,
  • Center of Gravity position.
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The DPM Elettronica Srl team builds devices of various sizes and types of integrated functions for custom drones.

DronesBench® brand products are the first instruments in the world created specifically for drone testing, measurement and certification. These are products developed with the aim of giving the possibility to optimize the engineering and quality of quadricopters, all in the name of safety. Furthermore, the DronesBench® devices allow to perform global tests of the specific functions of the aircraft, by constraining the drone in flight to a safe plane connected to a frame by means of elastic systems in series with force sensors. A hi-tech mechanism for monitoring and measuring electrical-energy parameters, through sophisticated sensors.

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DPM Elettronica Srl offers technical advice tailored to customer needs.

The experience and high engineering specialization of our team, expert in the field of dronistics, allows us to provide a complete innovative and tailor-made consulting service for all operators in the sector: from repairers to manufacturers, from researchers to flight schools and pilots to ensure the best references and innovation solutions in the drones area.

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A cutting edge professional training, divided into teaching modules designed for the various needs of customers.

The DPM Elettronica Srl team offers courses and training projects aimed at:

Educational institutions. We propose a kit of instruments and teaching modules useful for the management of the development of school projects in the drones area. The technical schools, in particular, are interested in drones from the point of view of construction and piloting, the others from the point of view of their use. Our kit allows you to demonstrate, test, and calibrate drones in the classroom or in the laboratory without risk for pupils and teachers. The measures provided can quantify and validate the work done and allow students to deal with electrotechnical and aerodynamic topics in a theoretical / practical way. For teachers a theoretical / practical update course on drones is available.

Certificators and repairers. On-site and remote training aimed at acquiring all the technical skills necessary for the use of DronesBench® devices and for the issue of certificates.

In Italy, our products and services are distributed by our exclusive reseller partner Know-K : have a look at their presentation!

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For consumer and commercial drones up to 15 kg payload and regular sizes, defined by the EASA regulation 2018 as “open” category, the DronesBench instruments are already able to perform all the necessary tests and measurements. DPM Elettronica, however, develops tailor-made machinery and offers customized solutions for a complete drone laboratory.