Second participant in the DronesBench™ contest

Directly from Gela, the team of the Technical Technological Institute Emanuele Morselli, leaded by Professor Pietro Giannone, brought to our attention a very efficient drone, totally built through DJI kit.

The drone, with a payload very similar to the estimated 1 kg , shows an excellent value of DBIs with a few dBm of noise developed, and according to the issued DronesBench™ certificate it is also able to fly following the European norms as regards class C2 and operational area A2.

The drone comes with a presentation power point of the machine in general and its components and a video demonstration ( )  of perfect functioning in flight and also explanatory about the various phases of construction and design.

The test we performed in the laboratory did not detect any anomaly, verifying the correct functionality in flight on our Dronescale bench.

The team, like the previous one, was then hosted by the KnowK S.r.l., a partner of the competition, to view their flight simulator: we hope that for them it was an experience to remember!

Sharing TV, another of our contest partners, then interviewed our CEO, Eng. Mauro Pompetti, and the Gela team about their homebuilt drone (you can find the interview at the following link → ).

You can also download the drone certificate from these links → Kit-Morselli-ENG.pdf Certificato-Kit-Drone-Morselli-ENG.pdf.

To the next news, where we will describe the experience gained with the third and last team that will come to visit us in the laboratory!