May update: specific category!

Great news in DPM!

DronesBench evolves, also meeting the specific category, with a super innovative bench in the design phase.

Our team, in order to meet market needs based on the latest EASA and ENAC regulatory choices, has therefore decided to open up to this category in the coming months, in addition to proceeding with the work already started for the open category (here among other things, the latest technology-oriented initiative in which we participated → )

According to what was specified in the April 24th EASA update, the missions and drones that exceed the limits of the open category are considered specific; in particular, the specific drones:

  • can be driven remotely from miles away (BVLOS, piloting beyond the field of vision);
  • can fly over 120 m;
  • can have a MTOW (maximum take-off weight) of over 25 kg;
  • can be driven in an urban environment with MTOW ( maximum take-off weight) of more than 4 kg;

Compared to the open category, for specific missions it is mandatory the SORA (operational risk assessment) and authorization from NAA (National Aeronautical Association).

It differs from the certified category because for this one, in the risk assessment, it is stated that:

  • the mission cannot start without the operator’s certificate, the airworthiness prescription and the remote pilot’s license;
  • the certified drones can transport people;
  • the certified drones can transport dangerous materials;
  • the certified drones can be guided over groups of people.

See you at the next news!