The DronesBench certification is now a reality!

After months of changes and updates especially to keep up with the new European standards, the management of the DronesBench certification has now reached its conclusion!

Not only will you have as important data of your drone electromechanical parameters as power absorbed and dissipated by the drone and the cables used for the test, together with the efficiency of your quadricopter and all its characteristic values ​​in hovering and in maximum thrust, but you will be in able to know in which class it can be placed and which operational area it is entitled to, without having to damage your machine.

The participants of the competition ( ) who are about to reach the test phase will be presented with this document as a declaration of conformity not only to the European standards in force but also to the quality of the flight, guaranteed from our desk and from the aforementioned certification (as a result of hovering tests and maximum thrust that you will find described in the two theoretical and practical books to be released on the market).

Below you will find an example of a certificate based on a drone we built, to which the report of the tests performed in our laboratory will be attached → Kit-M1-S600-ENG Certificato-Kit-M1-S600-ENG (THE CONTENTS OF THE WEBSITE, INCLUDING THE FILES THAT CAN BE DOWNLOADED, CAN BE FREELY COPIED BY OTHER INTERNET SITES FOR THE PURPOSE OF CRITICISING, COMPARISON AND RESEARCH, MENTIONING THE AUTHORS AND LINKING THE SOURCE © Copyright, all rights reserved).

See you at the next news!